The construction of the box of this system allows you to install the door leaf level with the wall, without framing the opening with platbands, thus creating the effect of an invisible door that can be strengthened if the wall contains a color or texture that does not differ from the texture or color of the door. Only the fittings and the thin edge that surrounds the door leaf can give the door to your interior.

Acquiring hidden doors, for the consumer, the main argument should be the quality, design, manufacturability of the hidden door. Having completed the repair by installing quality hidden doors, the customer receives a guarantee for hidden doors and the absence of cracks on the walls during the operation of the hidden door.

Framing aperture with a box and a dash

Without framing the opening

Thanks to the latest technologies for installing doors with a concealed box, it is possible to implement a variety of design solutions, and the interior in the end turns out spectacular and mysterious.

New technologies dictate their rules, which are already actively used in architecture, fashion and, of course, in interior design. Today the attention of many buyers and interior designers has been captured by a new generation of doors – invisible doors or hidden doors.

What makes the doors hidden? Unique fittings (hidden hinges, hidden handles, magnetic lock) and thoughtful disguise for any interior. That is why, hidden doors are a fashionable and very popular trend in modern design of interiors.

High-quality hidden doors, secret doors, doors with a hidden box are available in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.