Our company has been working in woodworking and furniture production for 16 years. All this time we closely cooperate with designers and architects, who, directly, make up a large part of our customers.

Our masters, whether they are carpenters, painters, grinders or assemblers, have at least 10 years of experience in their field. The production base of ARBO is located in Kiev and occupies more than 1000 sq.m.

The work uses modern equipment, which makes it possible to easily perform even the most complex tasks with an impeccable final result. Western European materials are used for production.

Finishing painting works are carried out in a vacuum painting chamber, which allows achieving the highest quality in painting.

It should be noted that when working with us, the customer has the possibility of personal control over each stage of the work.


In the work on projects, the following characteristic points can be singled out:

The project begins with the work of a designer who prepares a package of design and technical documentation.

After the drawings are created by the designer, they are agreed and approved by the customer. The designer prepares detailed detailed drawings, indicating all the docking nodes.

In this case, the customer is sure of what product he receives and completely excludes the possibility of “self-activity”, which so often takes place in the segment of individual carpentry and furniture production.
The entire project is under the control of a service engineer who coordinates and is responsible for all processes.

We are comfortable working with professionals.
For cooperation, please call +38 097 222 49 49